Our Values & What Makes Us Different

Alongside delivering top-level accountancy services there are several core values that are central to our mission and ethos as an ethical and vegan accountancy firm.

A combination of passions

We are proud and privileged to be able to combine our two passions of veganism and accountancy.
This marriage of passions means that we’re able to help other ethically aligned businesses put their money where their heart is and not contribute to animal exploitation when choosing service providers for their business.

Our 6 Core Values

At Vegan Accountants, we have 6 core values that run through the centre of our business.

Paperless Office

All vegan accountants clients use either Quickbooks or Xero plus Dext

Vegan Founded

Vegan Accountants was re-launched by Keith Lesser in 2020, a vegan since 2017.

Limited company accounts
Ethical Pricing

No hidden fees or surprise bills, full transparency and customer approval.

Local & Ethical

We use vegan and ethical suppliers including clients like Kakadu Creative, Going Green Media, Cooper Clicks and Reforest Pay.

Renewable Energy

We use green energy suppliers and promote home/flexi home working to decrease car use and carbon emissions.

Green Hosting

Our website hosting is run on renewable energy and plants trees, making our website carbon negative.

Financial Health

A key personal benefit of veganism is a healthy life with a reduced risk of disease and sickness.

Here at Vegan Accountants, we give your business financial health, giving quality advice enabling tax efficiency and sensible decision making.

We run a successful business and have worked with thousands of clients in the last 4 decades, meaning we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise on what makes a business financially healthy. We pass this knowledge and expertise on to our clients. Our advice is tailored to you and your business. The personal tax savings achieved through understanding our customers’ specific objectives and by building rapport and relationships, enables positive financial health.


Ethics is a big part of choosing a vegan lifestyle, and it’s no different at Vegan Accountants.

In the same way that we want to end all animal exploitation and consumption, we also want to give vegan businesses a positive and professional service where they don’t have to compromise on their vegan ethics.

Our parent company, Lesser & Co. have been a member of the ICAEW since 1988. In 2020, Keith Lesser expanded the vision of the family business to include his passion for veganism with the company Vegan Accountants. The U.K. based Vegan Accountants team are all dedicated vegans and we continue to promote veganism to the general public, the wider accountancy industry and our non-vegan clients.


Creating a vegan world and changing society’s current norms is a big challenge, and a challenge we’re proud to be a part of. We recognise that in order to succeed we must work together to achieve our collective goals.

As part of this, we collaborate with hundreds of other accountancy firms and are founding members of the Climate Change Accountancy Network (CCAN). We’re also part of four market-leading communities in both the accountancy and vegan business spaces, giving us a unique outlook both on veganism and accountancy. Our vast network enables cross-referrals and recommendations to partners, helping our customers to find the right, ethically-aligned supplier or partner for their needs.

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