Our Vegan Mission & Where it all Began

Vegan Accountants’ parent company Lesser & Co. was established in 1988 as a family business by Stephen Lesser. His son Keith, has been a driving force behind growing the business and bringing vegan ethics into the organisation with Vegan Accountants.

In the beginning

Vegan Accountants was founded in 2017. Within the same year, Keith became vegan after regular visits to a vegan café near the Lesser & Co. office. A cafe which went on to become a Lesser & Co. client. In 2020, Keith decided it was time to align his vegan ethics with his passion for accountancy and Lesser & Co. acquired the Vegan Accountants brand and business.

What the health

Whilst on the plane to Cyprus for his honeymoon, Keith watched ‘What the health’ and became Vegan almost overnight. Sadly the vegan choices in Cyprus in 2017 were not fantastic by any stretch, but from the moment he returned to the UK, there were no animal products consumed and even during the honeymoon no meat whatsoever. Keith was heavily influenced by his first-ever vegan client Idan. Idan was passionate about veganism and this passion had a life-changing impact on Keith. When one of his clients died of cancer in his 50s and another had a heart attack in his late 60s, Keith thought there must be another way. The death of 2 clients within 2 weeks lead Keith to make new choices about his health.

The journey

Not long after becoming vegan for health reasons, the ethics around animal cruelty and the sustainability values around our planet and climate change became just as important. Keith felt the natural progression was to combine accountancy and veganism and serve the vegan business community with quality accounting services. He acquired the Vegan Accountants brand, built a vegan team and re-vamped, re-launched and later re-branded the business with significant growth of 500% in the first 24 months.

The structure
& the mission

Vegan Accountants still operates alongside the family business Lesser & Co, with a dedicated fully-vegan team. We have ambitious growth plans and are proud sponsors of Vegan Business Tribe Live at VegfestUK, the UK’s biggest indoor vegan festival. And this is just the beginning. Here at Vegan Accountants, our mission is to help vegan businesses succeed with solid foundations for their financials and quality advice. Having a fully vegan supply chain is a big goal for vegan and ethical businesses and we’re here to help you to achieve that by giving you a vegan accountancy partner. We don’t see veganism as a trend. It is a positive trajectory towards positive financial and physical health, the elimination of animal cruelty and collaboration to achieve sustainable living.

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