The Responsible Business Podcast

Are you struggling to find suppliers or service providers with values aligned to your business?

Keith Lesser, the Founder of Vegan Accountants; was recently interviewed by Loes, from the Responsible Business Podcast.

Combining his expertise in accountancy with enthusiasm for purpose-led business practice.

Keith talks us through how and why he came to start Vegan Accountants. He has advice for other Founders to consider when partnering with value-aligned suppliers and touches on what suppliers themselves should do to attract the right clients.

In this interview you’ll Learn:

  • Why it’s important for purpose-led brands to find suppliers whose values align with theirs
  • What questions should you ask your suppliers to make sure they’re a match
  • How to vet your suppliers to see if their values align with yours
  • How to respond if a supplier migrates to unethical business practices

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Written by Vegan Accountants

The expert team at Vegan Accountants take away the hassle and pressure of your accounts and tax compliance. Our wide-ranging services give us the flexibility to deliver tailored support for your business.

May 30, 2022

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