10 Lead Generation Top Tips

1 – Clarity

Give your prospects clarity. What is holding them back from making a decision? Have you demonstrated credibility and given them certainty? Wow them with your value and knowledge

2 – Research

Identify your ideal customer and produce social media content on multiple channels.

3 – Proposals

Get professional proposal software like Better Proposals

4 – Make Video Content

Use Loom to generate content and add some front and back end animation and subtitles using Kapwing (loom generates subtitles but also captures the Um and ah and has typos).

5 – Software

Build a marketing tech stack. Use Cognito Forms, Calendly, Zapier and ActiveCampaign.

6 – Delegate

Delegate as much as possible to an expert. Although make the Looms yourself.

7 – Work Smarter

The pandemic caused a mindset shift. When you have a hundred people asking the same question you cannot communicate via email and calls in the conventional ways. Turn the game on its head and supercharge. Record answers to regular questions and have them ready. Share with the team. Proactively share the answers with your customers and prospects 6 months before they have thought of the question.

8 – Push Back

Anyone that asks for their NI number more than once a year, give a telling off.

9 – Reviews

Have a process to regularly request online reviews and educate your network what type of customers you are interested in.

10 – Network

Join industry groups. Collaborate within your industry and within the industries your ideal clients operate in.

Written by Vegan Accountants

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March 2, 2022

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